Company policy


  • In our daily work, to have environmental consideration in every decision we make, so to achieve an environmental way of thinking for all of our employees, at every stage of our work.
  • Conducting an open dialogue about the targets and results of environmental work amongst our personnel, our partners, customers and other interested parties, we multiply our common efforts, therefore we contribute achievement of better results.
  • Constantly improving our transport planning, and insuring good education programs for our employees, we minimize the risk of wrong professional decisions, which could lead to additional polluting of the environment, caused because of driving in vain, etc.
  • We encourage, support and stimulate any environment improve proposal made by our personnel or subcontractors.
  • We work in direction to improve the knowledge and increase the level of involvement of each co-worker in our annual Environmental Action Plan.
  • We follow all existing law regulations, including our internal company standards for safe environment.
  • We monitor the size of impact on the environment, caused by transportation, handling and warehousing of goods, we follow an energy-saving approach in all our business activities.